Main Plot - Vanessa

(Vanessa and Matthew are in the auditorium.)

Vanessa: Where is everybody?

Matthew: I guess they shunned us because we're niners.

(Jillian walks in.)

Jillian: So this is your dance team?

Vanessa: Don't start.

(Michael walks in.)

Michael: I know this is a bust. How's you guys spread this?

Vanessa: Posters.

Michael: Was your grade a part of the info?

Matthew: Yes?

Michael: That's why.

Matthew: Damn. It was worth a try.

(Jillian and Michael walk out. Cassandra walks in.)

Cassandra: Dancing qualified?

Vanessa: And you are?

Cassandra: Cassandra Samantha.

Vanessa: If you were gonna join then I'm sorry to say but I'm shutting it down since no one wants to participate.

Cassandra: Oh...

(Cassandra starts walking away.)

Vanessa: You're a freshman, right?

Cassandra: Yeah?

Vanessa: So are we. Wanna hang out?

Cassandra: You're asking me to hang out?

Vanessa: Why not?

Cassandra: No one's done that to me in a while. Sure.

Subplot - Drew

(Drew walks up to Brad at his locker.)

Brad: Here to yell?

Drew: No, I'm here to apologize.

Brad: For?

Drew: Being outcasted and going off.

Brad: You're good, I presume.

Drew: And plus there's something I wanna show you.

Brad: Sure?

Drew: Afterschool.

Brad: Why?

Drew: Just a confession.

(Drew walks away.)

Main Plot - Vanessa

(At lunch,  Vanessa is on line with Cassandra.)

Cassandra: This seems so new to me.

Vanessa: Why? It's lunch.

Cassandra: No one's invited me to lunch in years.

Vanessa: Years?

Cassandra: Since like 6th Grade.

Vanessa: You seem popular.

(They sit down at a table.)

Cassandra: Not really. In 6th Grade, revealed  I had dyslexia.

Vanessa: Dyslexia? I have a cousin with it.

Cassandra: I told one friend. Then she betrayed me. Told everyone and no one was my friend.

Vanessa: Sucks for them. I skipped 8th Grade so  don't have much friends either exept Matthew and Brandon.

Cassandra: At least their trustworthy.

Vanessa: They are. So am I.

Subplot - Drew

(Brad walks into the auditorium. Drew is there.)

Drew: Hey man!

Brad: Either your ass wants to confess your love or...

Drew: Don't be crazy, man.

Brad: Seriously man. Why are we here?

Drew: I want to show you why I've been outcasted like you said.

Brad: And?

Drew: I'm into this stuff.

(Drew uncovers a box of play scripts.)

Brad: Plays. Really?

Drew: Really. I enjoy acting.

Brad: I can tell. Why couldn't you just tell me before.

Drew: Just thought I'd show you since we're buds.

(Drew pats Brad on the back.)

Brad: Yeah...

(Brad stares at Drew.)

Drew: Brad?

Brad: Huh?

Drew: You dozed off.

Brad: Yeah...

(Brad strikes a kiss on Drew. Drew jumps away.)

Drew: DUDE!

(Brad is shocked about what happened. They both look at the door and see no one.)

Drew: That was close.

Brad: I...

Drew: You! You're...

(Drew runs away.)

Main Plot - Vanessa

(Cassandra is at her locker. Vanessa walks over to her.)

Vanessa: Hello Cassandra.

Cassandra: Hi Vanessa.

Vanessa: I have two offers.

Cassandra: Sure.

Vanessa: Would you like to be the other half of a two woman dance crew.

Cassandra: Sure! Who's the first?

Vanessa: Me!

Cassandra: Of course! What's the second?

Vanessa: Wanna hang out after school with me, Matt, and Brandon?

Cassandra: I will!

(Cassandra hugs Vanessa and smiles.)

Subplot - Drew

(Brad is walking in the hallway. A few people are grinning and snickering at him. He walks over to Drew.)

Brad: Did you open your mouth?

Drew: What do you want?

Brad: People are laughing. They must know something.

Drew: I didn't say a word.

Brad: Don't lie to me!

Drew: I didn't.

Brad: Then who did?

Drew: Somebody must've saw.

Brad: What am I going to do?

Drew: One, take me out of your love-mind and two, get a girl.

(Drew walks away. Brad feels worried.)

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