Main Plot - Vanessa

(Vanessa is sitting in music class.)

Mr. Rame: Alright class. Let's partner up into groups of two and start on the class assignment.

(Vanessa walks over to Nate and Taylor.)

Vanessa: Partners?

Nate: Taken. Sorry.

(She walks to Portia.)

Vanessa: Partners?

Portia: No. Go find someone else.

(Vanessa sees no one else.)

Mr. Rame: Can't find a partner?

Vanessa: No, sir.

Mr. Rame: Why does this class have to be odd numbered?

Vanessa: I can work by myself.

Mr. Rame: You sure? I can help you.

Vanessa: I'm fine. Thanks though.

(Vanessa sits at an empty desk.)

Subplot - Drew

(At lunch, mumbers of the football team are their own table.)

Brad: So I ask this chick out out and she says "yeah, when I'm desprate."

(The team laughs.)

Brad: Who did you ask, Drew?

Drew: Huh?

Brad: Do you even know what we're talking about?

Drew: No.

Brad: I should start calling you Outer Space.

Drew: I'm eating.

Brad: Or moose

Drew: I'm hungry.

Brad: Or bottomless pit.

(The team laughs.)

Drew: Whatever.

(Drew leaves.)

Lazer: What's his deal?

Brad: Either Drew being Drew or he's on his man period.

(The team laughs.)

Main Plot - Vanessa

(Vanessa walks with Brandon and Matthew.)

Vanessa: I am so glad I am finally here with you guys.

Brandon: Bad day?

Vanessa: More like boring music class. No one wanted to partner up with me.

Matthew: Why?

Vanessa: Because I'm the yougest freshmen. Besides I need something new. If I like music, I need a beat.

Matthew: What do you have in mind?

Subplot - Drew

(Drew is sitting at his locker, reading a book. Lizzie joins him.)

Lizzie: Why so glum?

Drew: Meh.

Lizzie: Is Brad finally annoying?

Drew: No.

Lizzie: Then what's up?

Drew: The team is just dull.  Talking about how they get rejected by girls.

Lizzie: They must be sad.

Drew: They laugh about it.

Lizzie: Oh well they must be weird. What are you reading?

Drew: Oh just some William Shakesphere.

Lizzie: Cool, so you're an outsider?

Drew: Feels like it.

Lizzie: Have a solution?

Drew: Don't know yet.

Main Plot - Vanessa

(Vanessa walks into her dad's office.)

Mr. Washington: Yes, Vanessa?

Vanessa: I need your permission.

Mr. Washington: If you're gonna pull a stunt then no.

Vanessa: I wanna start a dance crew.

Mr. Washington: Really?

Vanessa: Yeah.

Mr. Washington: Then sure. Don't make trouble.

Vanessa: Thank you.

(Vanessa leaves.)

Subplot - Drew

(Afterschool, Brad walks up to Drew at his locker.)

Brad: Dude!

Drew: Hey Brad.

Brad: Why'd you bail out?

Drew: Just not a good day.

Brad: Man period for the bottomless pit?

Drew: Not funny! See this is why I can't hang out with you and the team all the time.

(Drew slams his locker and walks off.)

Main Plot - Vanessa

(Vanessa walks into the media room and logs onto a computer. She customizes a poster for her new club and prints it. She walks out with a smile.)

Subplot - Drew

(Drew and Trey are playing basketball no school grounds.)

Trey: So he's pissing you off?

Drew: The whole team is.

Trey: Hey man, why don't you just not hang out with them.

Drew: Well.

Trey: You don't have to hang with them. They don't control you.

Drew: Wouldn't that be more outsider?

Trey: It's doing your own thing.

Drew: I see.

Trey: Look man. I gotta go but think about that.

Drew: Yeah.

(Trey leaves. Drew sits there.)

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