Main Plot - January

(January is in her room applying makeup on. Her dad walks in.)

Mr. Moreno: What's with the makup?

January: Prepping for drama club.

Mr. Moreno: Drama club? That's your thing now?

January: Its something new.

Mr. Moreno: Okay. Well you don't want to be late.

(January hugs her dad.)

January: I love you dad.

(She leaves.)

Subplot - Pheobe

(Mrs. Washington, Ms. Rose and Hilda are at home.)

Paris: How's dad?

Hilda: Your father is the same as always. Another woman in his house but still loves me and you.

Paris: He should at least try and act like he loves us. What about your brothers and sisters?

Hilda: They've been the same.

Pheobe: Well...

Hilda: Don't you have work?

Pheobe: Well, I can stay. It's not like Michael's gonna fire me.

Paris: I insist you go to work.

Pheobe: Whatever.

(Mrs. Washington leaves.)

Hilda: Yeesh. What's wrong with her?

Main Plot - January

(Jillian sees January at her locker.)

Jillian: Are you okay?

(She sees the fake bruises.)

Jillian: Lindsay told me that you were beaten.

January: Why do you care? I'm boring.

Jillian: Do you have to take things personal?

January: Not if you just watch your damn mouth.

(January walks away.)

Subplot - Pheobe

(Mrs. Washington walks in the main office and sees Mr. Washington.)

Michael: I thought you were taking the day off to hang with your sister and niece.

Pheobe: Paris suggested I go to work instead of stay with them. Hilda is really starting to annoy me.

Michael: Are you getting jealous?

Pheobe: I wouldn't call it that.

Michael: So?

Pheobe: Why couldn't Dale come by? I preferred him better.

Michael: Right... so he can rub in his poker wins?

Pheobe: My brother just has a poker face and loves winning.

Michael: Anyways. What are you going to do?

Pheobe: Set the record straight, I guess.

(Mrs. Washington goes into her office.)

Main Plot - January

(Jillian walks into her dad's office.)

Michael: Hey Jill. Your mother just came in.

Jillian: Dad, I need to talk to you.

Michael: What for?

Jillian: I may have offended a girl with a bad homelife.

Michael: Who?

Jillian: A sophomore. January Moreno.

Michael: Okay. Anyhting I need to know about this situation?

Jillian: I apparently insulted her photography club and it turns ou she just trying to be happy because she says she's being abused.

Michael: Sounds bad. I'll handle this.

Jillian: Thanks daddy.

(Jillian walks out. Mr. Moreno walks in.)

Pat: Hello.

Michael: Hello. May I help you?

Pat: I'm here to drop off my daughter's math assignment. She forgot it again.

Michael: No problem. What's your daughter's name?

Pat: January Moreno.

(Mr. Washington looks at Mr. Moreno.)

Michael: Mr. Moreno, are you in a hurry?

Pat: No, why?

Michael: You might want to stay here for a while.

(Mr. Washington turns on the loud speaker.)

Michael: January Moreno, please report to the main office.

Subplot - Pheobe

(Mrs. Washington is on the phone with Ms. Rose.)

Pheobe: Bistro, tonight?

Paris: No, thanks. Mom and I are shopping.

Pheobe: Mind if I join?

Paris: Um.

(Mrs. Washington hangs up, angrily.)

Pheobe: So much for a good weekend.

(Meanwhile; Ms. Rose is with her mother.)

Hilda: What's her deal?

Paris: She's jealous because ever since you showed up, she and I haven't been hanging out like we usually do.

Hilda: I'm only here for two weeks.

Paris: Yeah.

Main Plot - January

(January walks into Mr. Washington's office. Her dad is sitting down.)

January: What's going on?

Mr. Washington: my daughter, Jillian, tells me that you have been troubled because she insulted you, notknowing that you are emotional enough from a bad homlife.

January: Are you gonna believe that?

Mr. Moreno: Is this just a rumor?

January: Yes... it is.

Mr. Washington: January, my daughter may be a loud mouth and a queen bee but she doesn't spread rumors.

January: I... I wanted to impress people with my new photography club.

Mr. Moreno: And?

January: Jillian's friends liked it but Jillian herself called my club and me... boring, dull, weak. So I thought I would reverse that.

Mr. Moreno: You told her and her friends that I abuse you?!

January: It was only to shut them up!

Mr. Moreno: Do you know how much trouble we could be in? I would be arrested and thrown in jail! You could be put into foster care. We would never see each other again. Is that what you want?

January: No!

Mr. Moreno: Then why, January? Why did you tell people something false and cruel?

January: I guess it was just for attention.

Mr. Washington: Ms. Moreno, you have detention.

January: Fair enough.

Mr. Moreno: And you're grounded.

January: Darn.

Subplot - Pheobe

(Mrs. Washington walks in the house. Hilda is there.)

Pheobe: Hey, sister.

Hilda: Hey. Remember when we were kids? I use to be the sneaky one who get everyone in trouble?

Pheobe: Yeah?

Hilda: I'm not that little bitch anymore.

Pheobe: Oh.

Hilda: Really. I'm not.

Pheobe: I know. It's okay.

Hilda: Why were you upset?

Pheobe: I guess, I missed Paris. But that doesn't mean I didn't miss you.

Hilda: You're not mad?

Pheobe: I thought about it. I should be more chilled.

Hilda: Leave the labeling to me. And let's hang out like we were teen sisters again.

Pheobe: You got it.

(They hug.)

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