Main Plot - January

(January is in the media room typing. Jillian and Lindsey walk in.)

Jillian: Well January's already in here.

January: Um, I'm almost done. Stick around.

Lindsey: Sure.

January: Which reminds me. How would you two like to join a club?

Lindsey: What kind of club?

January: Picture club.

Lindsey: Sounds nice.

Jillian: Sound, boring.

January: Boring?

Jillian: I picture club?

January: It includes modeling.

Jillian: Still not interested.

(Jillian leaves.)

Jillian: You coming?

Lindsey: One sec. I'll join I like modeling and music.

(Chandler walks in.)

Chandler: Best combination.

Lindsey: Thanks Chandler.

(January looks sad.)

Lindsey: Oh don't be sad.

Chandler: What happened?

January: Jillian basically told me that I'm boring.

Lindsey: Don't worry. It's just the way she is. I like photography.

Chandler: Me too.

(January slightly smiles.)

Chandler: Sit with us at lunch. We can start planning stuff like we're executive suits.

(January smiles a little more.)

Subplot - Ms. Rose

(Ms. Rose walks in Mrs. Washington's office.)

Ms. Rose: Aunt Pheobe! Mom's coming to town.

Mrs. Washington: Come again, Paris?

Ms. Rose: Your sister aka my mother is visiting. Yay!

Mrs. Washington: She just told you?

Ms. Rose: She called and said she's in town so she'll drop by.

Mrs. Washington: That's great.

Ms. Rose: You don't seem happy about it.

Mrs. Washington: Growing up with you mother wasn't the best part of my childhood. Let's put it that way.

Ms. Rose: And why not?

Mrs. Washington: Because Hilda was always a snob who got me, our brothers and sisters in trouble. She was on my last nerve.

Ms. Rose: But she's been nicer. She's been nice enough to let me stay with you.

Mrs. Washington: It's been a while.

Ms. Rose: Damn right.

(Ms. Rose leaves and bumps into Mr. Nathaniel. He walks to Mrs. Washington.)

Mr. Nathaniel: Is it time, yet?

Mrs. Washington: Time for what?

Mr. Nathaniel: For me to make a move?

Mrs. Washington: I'm married.

Mr. Nathaniel: Not on you. On... Ms. Rose?

Mrs. Washington: It depends figure that out.

Mr. Nathaniel: I've had to think all day with a bunch of students.

Mrs. Washington: Whatever.

Main Plot - January

(January is sitting with Veronica, Teal, Lindsay, and Chandler at lunch.)

Chandler: We need to make photography something new and nice... like Teal's art.

Veronica: Good idea.

Teal: Use it all for nature and modeling.

January: Great ideas, guys.

Lindsey: I love this club already.

(Jillian walks over.)

Jillian: More boring stuff? Lindsay, we're suppose to be at our bff table.

Lindsey: I'm helping January. I'll be over there in a sec.

Jillian: I hate not having my best friend at my table.

Veronica: Would you stop whining? It's getting annoying.

Jillian: Whatever.

(Jillian walks away. January looks down.)

January: I just want to be known for something.

Lindsey: It just the way she is.

Chandler: How do you put up with that?

Lindsey: She's my best friend since second grade. I usually tune out the complaints. Other than that, she's good to me.

January: Easy for you to say.

Subplot - Ms. Rose

(Mrs. Washington and Ms. Rose are in the office. Hilda walks in.)

Hilda: Hello ladies.

Paris: Mom!!

(They hug.)

Pheobe: Hilda...

Hilda: Pheobe... hey sister.

(They hug. Mr. Washington walks in with Ms. Washington.)

Michelle: OMG Aunt Hilda!

Michael: My favorite S-I-L!

Hilda: Mike and Mich!

(They all hug except Pheobe.)

Main Plot - January

(Afterschool, Jillian gets home with Vanessa, and Michael.)

Vanessa: Who has hw?

Michael: Already done.

Jillian: Mine too.

Vanessa: Not me.

Michael: I'll help you.

Jillian: If you'll excuse me, I'll be chatting with Lindsay.

Michael: Like you always do.

(Jillian goes to her room and on her laptop to open her video chat.)

Jillian: Are you kidding me?

(She sees Lindsay, January, and Teal on a three way. She calls and Lindsay answers.)

Lindsey: Hey Jill!

Teal: Hi Jillian.

Jillian: Is there a three way going on?

Teal: Yep. You just joined. Now, it's four way.

Jillian: So what are you guys talking about?

January: My club.

Jillian: Oh wow.

January: Please don't judge me.

Jillian: I'm just saying, if you're gonna open a club, do something fun.

January: You don't know the kind of person I am.

Jillian: So?

January: I'm trying to do something I never got to do because... of things.

Jillian: What kind of things? Dull?

January: Things someone like you wouldn't understand.

Teal: Just got real.

Jillian: You kow what? I'm off this this.

(Jillian logs off.)

Subplot - Ms. Rose

(Paris, Pheobe, Michael I, and Michelle get home and Hilda walks in with them.)

Jillian, Vanessa, Michael: Aunt Hilda!

Hilda: Hello! Young ones!

(She hugs them. Pheobe looks jealous.)

Pheobe: I'll get some dinner ready so Hilda, you can get settled.

Hilda: K.

(Pheobe and Michael I walk in the kitchen.)

Michael I: Are you okay?

Pheobe: I'm not that happy about Hilda coming here.

Michael I: Why not? She's your sister.

Pheobe: Yeah but still, the kids are happier to see her than me when I come home after a two week trip.

Michael I: I don't jealousy is your thing.

Pheobe: I'm not jealous, I'm just not very very fond of her.

Main Plot - January

(January is still on chat with Teal, and Lindsay.)

Lindsey: Don't be sad, January. Jillian gets offensive sometimes.

January: She doesn't know me at all.

Teal: What do you mean?

January: This is one of few times I'm allowed to be on chat.

Teal: Why?

January: My homelife... isn't the best.

(January's dad comes home.)

January: My dad's here. I don't want you guys to see this.

Lindsey: But...

(January logs. Her dad walks in.)

Pat: Evening, Jan.

January: Hey dad.

Pat: Sorry I'm late. I have pizza for you.

January: Cool! Thanks! I'll be right there.

Pat: Okay. Get it while it's hot.

(January runs up to her dad and hugs him.)

January: I love you, dad!

Pat: I love you too. What with the tight hug?

January: I'm just glad to see you.

Pat: Aww.

(They hug.)

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