Main Plot - Holly/Teal

(Teal is walking Holly to her class.)

Holly: You don't have to walk me to class.

Teal: Hey, what are nice guys for?

Holly: Thank you.

(Holly hugs Teal and walks into her class. She sits next to Taylor.)

Taylor: Did I see a hug? To Teal?

Holly: You saw it right.

Taylor: You may have a new boyfriend.

Holly: It could be to soon, though he does seem to have a thing for me.

Taylor: He hot anyways. So you got it.

Holly: Oh do I!

Subplot - Vince/Nate/Brad

(Vince and Brad are in the bathroom.)

Vince: I found a threat note.

Nate: From who?

Vince: Mr. Anonymous. Or should I say Brad Baker.

Nate: How come he wants us to quit the team?

Vince: Probably because we're in grade 9.

Nate: I wonder what his brother would think of this.

Vince: Brandon?

Nate: Yeah. Let's tell him.

Vince: Sure.

Main Plot - Holly/Teal

(Holly walks in the hallway with Teal.)

Holly: Is it surprising that we hang out a lot?

Teal: I like it.

Holly: Do you now?

Teal: Like art.

Holly: Yeah.

(Teal strikes her with a kiss. She pulls away.)

Holly: Whoa!

Teal: What?

Holly: Why did you just kiss me?

Teal: For some reason I...

Holly: You thought we were going out? I never said anything like that.

Teal: But you flirt and you sent me mixed signals.

Holly: I never said anything about a relationship. Teal: You're friend Taylor did.

Holly: I'll handle her later.

Teal: So you lead me on?

Holly: I wouldn't say that.

(Lazer walks by.)

Lazer: Lead on.

(He walks away.Holly rolls her eyes.)

Teal: Thanks a lot.

(Teal walks away.)

Subplot - Vince/Nate/Brad

(Brandon walks up to Brad, who is talking to Drew and Trey.)

Brad: How many times are you gonna follow me around?

Brandon: Listen, you need to stop being an ass. Let Vince and Nate on the team.

Brad: They're freshmen... hard to control.

Brandon: So? They're athletic not idiots.

Brad: Whatever.

Brandon: You were a freshmen, too. They're in you shoes now.

(Brandon walks away. Brad starts to feel bad.)

Drew: Vince and Nate have every right to be on the team.

Trey: Your brother's right. It's pretty foul.

(Drew and Trey walk away from Brad.)

Main Plot - Holly/Teal

(Holly and Taylor and walking out of the school.)

Taylor: He actually kissed you?

Holly: Yeah but I kinda rejected his kiss.

Taylor: Why?

Holly: It was a rush. He thought we really were in a relationship.

Taylor: You led him on.

Holly: I didn't mean too.

Taylor: There he is.

(Teal and January walk by.)

Holly: Teal wait!

Teal: What?

Holly: I'm sorry I sent you mixed signals.

Teal: That's all?

Holly: I guess.

Teal: Sure.

Holly: Are you still mad?

Teal: I'm not happy but I'll get over it.

Holly: I don't feel like you're being considerate.

Teal: I'm considering forgiving you fully. Time goes by, remember?

(Teal walks away eith January.)

January: Let me guess, she led you on or something?

Teal: Yep, she's a flirty girl. Not really for me.

January: Too bad.

Teal: The sad thing is she seemed nice.

January: There other girls to go around.

Teal: You really think so.

January: You're looking at one. There's a few hundred others.

Teal: Thanks for the tip.

Subplot - Vince/Nate/Brad

(In the gym. Mr. Blake calls the last few players of the football team.)

Mr. Blake: Next for Center, Drew Mason.

(They clap.)

Mr. Blake: Finally from Brad's choice of our two Wide Recievers, Nate Tyler and Vince Spencer.

(They clap. Brad walks up to them.)

Brad: I may not be a nice guy but I've been in you're shoes.

Vince: Thanks for picking us.

Brad: Just don't piss me off.

(Brad walks away.)

Main Plot - Teal

(Teal is in the art room, painting. Lizzie walks in.)

Lizzie: Hey Teal.

Teal: Hey.

Lizzie: I heard you were rejected.

Teal: Sure did.

Lizzie: Can I ask you something?

Teal: Sure.

Lizzie: How does it feel...with a girl?

Teal: I don't know. I'm still a virgin. Wait...why did you ask for a girl?

Lizzie: No reason. Um, did this Holly girl flirt you up?

Teal: Apparently, she's a complete flirt. It kinda led me on. I'm so not falling for that again.

Lizzie: Lesson learned.

(They laugh.)

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