Plot A - Holly

(Holly walks in the school. She meets Nate, Vince and Taylor.)

Holly: Well if it isn't my lovely cult.

Taylor: Hey, Holly.

Vince: Guess what me and Nate are doing.

Holly: I have no clue.

Nate: We're gonna join the football team.

Holly: Really? Congrats.

Nate: Haha. Thanks.

Holly: Well, I'm gonna fine my self a boyfriend.

Nate: Here I am.

Holly: Not you.

Nate: Kidding.

(The bell rings.)

Nate: We're out.

(Nate and Taylor leave.)

Taylor: So, a boyfriend?

Holly: Well, this is high school, where all the hot guys are.

(Portia walks past them.)

Portia: Hot guys? You mean the ones that aren't for you?

(She leaves.)

Holly: What the hell?

Taylor: I've seen her before. Anyways, who do you think is good enough?

Holly: I don't know. It's not like he'll just bump into you or something.

(Holly bumps into Teal.)

Teal: Oh! Sorry about that. Here's your stuff.

Holly: Um. It's okay. Thanks.

Teal: No problem

(They lock eyes.)

Teal: I'm Teal Edwards.

Holly: I'm Hol... Holly Morgan.

Teal: Nice to meet you. Well, see you around.

(Teal leaves.)

Taylor: Did you say something about a new hot guy not bumping into you?

Holly: Oh well. It happens, rarely.

Plot B - Nate/Vince

(Nate and Vince come out of class. The announcments come on.)

Mr. Blake: Attention, students. If you want to sign up for this year's football team the signing sheet is on the outside of the Media room. Feel free to join.

Nate: This might be a chance to become Co-Captains.

Mr. Blake: Also, we have selected a last year's Captain. Brad Baker.

Nate: Scratch that.

Vince: Brad Baker?

Nate: Is that him?

(Nate points out Brad being cheered by his friends.)

Vince: I guess it is.

Nate: He looks like some regular popular cocky dude.

Vince: We can't let that stop us, now can we?

(Vince signs his name on the sheet.)

Vince: C'mon. It's our team.

Nate: Alright.

(Nate signs his name on the sheet.)

Nate: This better work.

Plot A - Holly

(Holly is on Facebook looking at Teal's profile.)

Taylor: Are you stalking?

Holly: No, I just wanna see who he is.

Taylor: Who?

Holly: Teal Edwards.

Taylor: The guy from earlier? How'd you get his name?

Holly: I asked a few students.

Taylor: You like him?

Holly: Maybe?

Taylor: You've known him for about an hour and you like him?

Holly: He seems interesting.

Taylor: Interesting?

Holly: He likes art.

Taylor: So?

Holly: Me too.

Taylor: Oh, yeah.

Holly: I just to know more about him.

Plot B - Nate/Vince

(Vince and Nate come to the gym.)

Mr. Blake: Welcome boys. You guys are trying out?

Vince: Yes, sir.

Mr. Blake: Alright then.

(Brad walks over to Mr. Blake.)

Brad: Everyone's here sir.

Mr. Blake: Alright. All who is applying for Wide Reciever step outside.

(They step outside.)

Plot A - Holly

(Holly looks behind a corner of lockers and looks at Teal at his locker.)

Holly: He's fine.

(Holly walks over to him.)

Holly: Hey, Teal.

Teal: Hey, um, Holly?

Holly: Yep!

Teal: Hey, what's up?

Holly: Would you like to maybe hang out sometime? I wanna get to know you.

Teal: Just us or with some friends?

Holly: With friends.

Teal: Sure.

Holly: Cool! See you around.

Teal: See ya.

(Holly walks away happy.)

Plot B - Nate/Vince

(Nate and Vince walk back into the gym.)

Nate:You think we made it?

Vince: I know we made it.

(They high five. Brad gives a dirty look.)

Brad: Niners.

Plot A - Holly

(Afterschool, Holly walks to Taylor.)

Holly: You and the guys have to come with me!

Taylor: Where and for what?

Holly: I asked Teal out.

Taylor: On a date?

Holly: Not exactly,

Taylor: A hangout?

Holly: Yes!

Taylor: Okay, but you have to get confident.

Holly: Piece of cake.

Plot B - Nate/Vince

(Nate and Vince walk out of the school. They get stopped by Brad.)

Brad: Drop out!

Vince: Huh?

Brad: You heard me, drop out of the team!

(Brad storms off.)

Nate: I think that's our idiot captain.

Vince: Brad Baker.

Nate: This may be a problem.

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