Plot A - Vanessa

(Buses enter the school's parking lot and students begin to exit. A car parks in a parking space. The Washingtons.)

Mr. Washington: Alright everybody. Let's go.

(Vanessa, Jillian, and Michael get out of the van.)

Mr. Washington: Ahh, a third year.

Michael: You like it, Van?

Vanessa: Looks okay I guess.

Jillian: What are we waiting for?

Michael: Mom, Michelle, and Paris.

Mr. Washington: That's Mrs. Washington, Ms. Washington, and Ms. Rose to you guys.

Jillian: What ever you say.... Mr. Washington.

Mr. Washington: You kids wait here while I go open.

(Mr. Washington leaves. Vanessa makes a sad look.)

Michael: What's up with you?

Vanessa: I don't know how I gonna deal with this?

Jillian: What?

Vanessa: I skipped eighth grade.

Michael: So? It's a good thing.

Vanessa: Michael, I miss my friends!

Michael: You'll make new ones.

Vanessa: It'll be hard.

Michael: Look, V, what ever happens, happens. You'll make new friends, like I said.

(Mrs. Washington drives in with Paris and Michelle. They get out of the car.)

Vanessa: Hi mom.

Mrs. Washington: Hello kids!

Paris: Hello cousins!

Michelle: Bro and sistahs.

Jillian: Warm welcome.

Mrs. Washington: Who's ready for the first day?

Vanessa: Not me.

Mrs. Washington: Those nerves will shiver away, Vanessa. Don't worry.

(Mr. Washington signals then over.)

Mrs. Washington: Let's go everyone!

(They head in the school.)

Plot B - Brandon/Brad

(In school, Brandon looks around to find his first class. He gets lost.)

Brandon: Oh man! I'll never find this class.

(Luckily, he sees his brother, Brad, talking to Drew. He walks over to them.)

Brandon: Brad!

(Brad looks and sees Brandon.)

Drew: Here comes your niner brother.

(Brad sighs.)

Brad: What?

Brandon: I got lost. You know where music class is?

Brad: Down the hall. Find it yourself.

Brandon: Aren't you suppose to be my tour guide or something? Mom said you have to show me around the school.

Brad: Well Mom's not here. Now get lost... niner.

(Brandon gets upset.)

Brandon: Thanks for nothing.

(Brandon walks away.)

Plot A - Vanessa

(Vanessa walks into Music class and bumps into Brandon.)

Brandon: Oh, I'm sorry.

Vanessa: It's okay.

Brandon: I'm Brandon. Brandon Baker.

Vanessa: Vanessa Washington. Pleased to meet you.

(They take seats.)

Mr. Rame: Yo, yo, yo! I'm Mr. Rame and welcome to Grade 9 Music Class.

(Vanessa whispers to Brandon.)

Vanessa: Music may be my new thing.

Plot B - Brandon/Brad

(After Music class, Brandon finds Brad at his locker.)

Brad: What do you want now?

Brandon: Just stickin around.

Brad: Seriously?

Brandon: What? As long as I'm new here like the other freshmen, I should stick with you.

Brad: Dude, why don't you stick with your "fashion" and head out.

Brandon: C'mon! I don't even know the next class I'm suppose to go to.

Brad: Too bad.

Brandon: Okay, what's your deal?

Brad: My deal is having some kid come to me for help all the time.

Brandon: Well, it shows leadership. You're suppose to guide like a leader.

Brad: I'm a leader. The leader of the new football team.

Brandon: You know what, Brad? Screw you!

(Brandon bumps Brad and walks away.)

Plot A - Vanessa

(Later, Vanessa walks up to Michael.)

Michael: How's the first day going?

Vanessa: It may be getting better.

Michael: See, I told you there's nothing to worry about.

Vanessa: I made one new friend and I found a big interest in music class.

Michael: Cool. You're lunchtime's comin up.

Vanessa: I know that.

Michael: Alright, I'm heading to my next class so I'll catch ya later, sis.

Vanessa: See ya, bro.

(They head to class.)

Plot B - Brandon/Brad

(At Lunch, Brandon and Matthew are standing in line.)

Matthew: So, he's blowing you off?

Brandon: Yeah, just because I'm a freshman doesn't mean he could just treat me like crap.

Matthew: Geez, dude. That's pretty rough.

Brandon: Eh, well, he's just one of those idiot jocks who doesn't want to be embarrased by a younger brother. He'll get over it whether he likes it or not.

Matthew: See? Now that's the spirit.

Plot A - Vanessa

(Vanessa walks over to the lunch line and right behind Brandon and Matthew.)

Vanessa: Hey guys.

Brandon: Hey Vanessa. This is my buddy, Matthew.

Matthew: Hey, how's it going?

Vanessa: Swell. I'm Vanessa Washington.

Brandon: So, what's up?

Vanessa: It's just great to have two new friends.

Brandon: Really? Why's that?

Vanessa: I skipped eighth grade.

Brandon: Oh.

Vanessa: Yeah and it's been hard to move on without my old friends.

Matthew: Making new ones is always good. Especially in a good crowd.

Brandon: What he said.

Vanessa: Thank you guys so much!

(Vanessa hugs Brandon and Matthew.)

Plot B - Brandon/Brad

(After lunch, Brandon sees Brad talking to Drew and another jock.)

Brandon: I don't need him.

(Brandon goes to the main office.)

Brandon: Um... excuse me?

Mrs. Washington: Yes? May I help you?

Brandon: Yes. Can I get an extra copy of the Grade 9 schedule?

Mrs. Washington: You sure can? Name?

Brandon: Brandon Baker.

Mrs. Washington: Baker? You wouldn't happen to related to... Brad Baker, would you?

Brandon: Yeah? I'm his brother.

(Mrs. Washington hand Brandon a schedule.)

Mrs. Washington: Make sure you stay out of your brother's shadow.

Brandon: No problem. Bye.

(Brandon walks out of the main office and to the next class.)

Plot A - Vanessa

(Afterschool, Vanessa comes out of the building with Brandon and Matthew.)

Brandon: After one class of music, it's your thing now?

Vanessa: I'm just interested in it. Plus, I have a nice voice.

Matthew: I'll say.

(Vanessa sees Michael signaling for her.)

Vanessa: Well guys, thank you for a great day and I'll see you tomorrow.

Brandon: See ya.

Matthew: Bye.

(Vanessa walks over to Michael, Jillian, and their parents.)

Michael: Feeling happy?

Vanessa: Yeah! I made two friends today and I like music. My depression has been kicked out.

Michael: Good to here. Now let's go home and get some R&R.

(They all get in the car and drive home.)

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