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  • Situationman

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  • Situationman

    (Vanessa and Matthew are in the auditorium.)

    Vanessa: Where is everybody?

    Matthew: I guess they shunned us because we're niners.

    (Jillian walks in.)

    Jillian: So this is your dance team?

    Vanessa: Don't start.

    (Michael walks in.)

    Michael: I know this is a bust. How's you guys spread this?

    Vanessa: Posters.

    Michael: Was your grade a part of the info?

    Matthew: Yes?

    Michael: That's why.

    Matthew: Damn. It was worth a try.

    (Jillian and Michael walk out. Cassandra walks in.)

    Cassandra: Dancing qualified?

    Vanessa: And you are?

    Cassandra: Cassandra Samantha.

    Vanessa: If you were gonna join then I'm sorry to say but I'm shutting it down since no one wants to participate.

    Cassandra: Oh...

    (Cassandra starts walking away.)

    Vanessa: You're a freshman, right?

    Cassandra: Yeah? …

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  • Situationman

    (Vanessa is sitting in music class.)

    Mr. Rame: Alright class. Let's partner up into groups of two and start on the class assignment.

    (Vanessa walks over to Nate and Taylor.)

    Vanessa: Partners?

    Nate: Taken. Sorry.

    (She walks to Portia.)

    Vanessa: Partners?

    Portia: No. Go find someone else.

    (Vanessa sees no one else.)

    Mr. Rame: Can't find a partner?

    Vanessa: No, sir.

    Mr. Rame: Why does this class have to be odd numbered?

    Vanessa: I can work by myself.

    Mr. Rame: You sure? I can help you.

    Vanessa: I'm fine. Thanks though.

    (Vanessa sits at an empty desk.)

    (At lunch, mumbers of the football team are their own table.)

    Brad: So I ask this chick out out and she says "yeah, when I'm desprate."

    (The team laughs.)

    Brad: Who did you ask, Drew?

    Drew: Huh?

    Brad: Do you even k…

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  • Situationman

    (January is in her room applying makeup on. Her dad walks in.)

    Mr. Moreno: What's with the makup?

    January: Prepping for drama club.

    Mr. Moreno: Drama club? That's your thing now?

    January: Its something new.

    Mr. Moreno: Okay. Well you don't want to be late.

    (January hugs her dad.)

    January: I love you dad.

    (She leaves.)

    (Mrs. Washington, Ms. Rose and Hilda are at home.)

    Paris: How's dad?

    Hilda: Your father is the same as always. Another woman in his house but still loves me and you.

    Paris: He should at least try and act like he loves us. What about your brothers and sisters?

    Hilda: They've been the same.

    Pheobe: Well...

    Hilda: Don't you have work?

    Pheobe: Well, I can stay. It's not like Michael's gonna fire me.

    Paris: I insist you go to work.

    Pheobe: Whatever.


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  • Situationman

    (January is in the media room typing. Jillian and Lindsey walk in.)

    Jillian: Well January's already in here.

    January: Um, I'm almost done. Stick around.

    Lindsey: Sure.

    January: Which reminds me. How would you two like to join a club?

    Lindsey: What kind of club?

    January: Picture club.

    Lindsey: Sounds nice.

    Jillian: Sound, boring.

    January: Boring?

    Jillian: I picture club?

    January: It includes modeling.

    Jillian: Still not interested.

    (Jillian leaves.)

    Jillian: You coming?

    Lindsey: One sec. I'll join I like modeling and music.

    (Chandler walks in.)

    Chandler: Best combination.

    Lindsey: Thanks Chandler.

    (January looks sad.)

    Lindsey: Oh don't be sad.

    Chandler: What happened?

    January: Jillian basically told me that I'm boring.

    Lindsey: Don't worry. It's just the way she …

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