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  • MrDegrassi

    Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding

    It a evening time at the beach and the sun has almost set. Jillian, Michael, and Vanessa get out of Jillian's car. Jillian runs up to Lindsey and gives her a hug. Michael walks away while Vanessa follows her.

    Veronica is seen sitting in the sand playing her guitar with her eyes closed. Phillip stands over her and nods his head with the beat.

    Nate, Holly, Taylor, and Vince all strip down to their bathing suits. Taylor splashes Vince and they laugh. He picks her up and spins her around. They lock eyes and lean in for a kiss but Nate splashes both of them.

    Brad tosses a frisbee to Drew and they chest bump each other. Michael rolls his eyes. Brad takes off his shirt and walks away with his hand around Jillian's waist. Michael makes an angry face and …

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  • MrDegrassi

    Coming October 1st

    (Nate, Holly, Taylor, and Vince walk into Washington High together)

    (Jillian and Brad hold hands)


    (Vanessa and Cassandra hug)

    (Chandler highfives Drew)

    Out of Control

    (Veronica throws a textbook at a locker)

    (Brad shoves Trey to the floor)

    (Brandon spits on Portia's face)


    (Lizzie kisses Jillian and she quickly pulls away)

    (January slaps herself in the face)


    (Teal dumps a small can of orange paint on Brad)

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