• Situationman

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  • Situationman

    (Vanessa and Matthew are in the auditorium.)

    Vanessa: Where is everybody?

    Matthew: I guess they shunned us because we're niners.

    (Jillian walks in.)

    Jillian: So this is your dance team?

    Vanessa: Don't start.

    (Michael walks in.)

    Michael: I know this is a bust. How's you guys spread this?

    Vanessa: Posters.

    Michael: Was your grade a part of the info?

    Matthew: Yes?

    Michael: That's why.

    Matthew: Damn. It was worth a try.

    (Jillian and Michael walk out. Cassandra walks in.)

    Cassandra: Dancing qualified?

    Vanessa: And you are?

    Cassandra: Cassandra Samantha.

    Vanessa: If you were gonna join then I'm sorry to say but I'm shutting it down since no one wants to participate.

    Cassandra: Oh...

    (Cassandra starts walking away.)

    Vanessa: You're a freshman, right?

    Cassandra: Yeah? …

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  • Situationman

    (Vanessa is sitting in music class.)

    Mr. Rame: Alright class. Let's partner up into groups of two and start on the class assignment.

    (Vanessa walks over to Nate and Taylor.)

    Vanessa: Partners?

    Nate: Taken. Sorry.

    (She walks to Portia.)

    Vanessa: Partners?

    Portia: No. Go find someone else.

    (Vanessa sees no one else.)

    Mr. Rame: Can't find a partner?

    Vanessa: No, sir.

    Mr. Rame: Why does this class have to be odd numbered?

    Vanessa: I can work by myself.

    Mr. Rame: You sure? I can help you.

    Vanessa: I'm fine. Thanks though.

    (Vanessa sits at an empty desk.)

    (At lunch, mumbers of the football team are their own table.)

    Brad: So I ask this chick out out and she says "yeah, when I'm desprate."

    (The team laughs.)

    Brad: Who did you ask, Drew?

    Drew: Huh?

    Brad: Do you even k…

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  • Situationman

    (January is in her room applying makeup on. Her dad walks in.)

    Mr. Moreno: What's with the makup?

    January: Prepping for drama club.

    Mr. Moreno: Drama club? That's your thing now?

    January: Its something new.

    Mr. Moreno: Okay. Well you don't want to be late.

    (January hugs her dad.)

    January: I love you dad.

    (She leaves.)

    (Mrs. Washington, Ms. Rose and Hilda are at home.)

    Paris: How's dad?

    Hilda: Your father is the same as always. Another woman in his house but still loves me and you.

    Paris: He should at least try and act like he loves us. What about your brothers and sisters?

    Hilda: They've been the same.

    Pheobe: Well...

    Hilda: Don't you have work?

    Pheobe: Well, I can stay. It's not like Michael's gonna fire me.

    Paris: I insist you go to work.

    Pheobe: Whatever.


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  • Situationman

    (January is in the media room typing. Jillian and Lindsey walk in.)

    Jillian: Well January's already in here.

    January: Um, I'm almost done. Stick around.

    Lindsey: Sure.

    January: Which reminds me. How would you two like to join a club?

    Lindsey: What kind of club?

    January: Picture club.

    Lindsey: Sounds nice.

    Jillian: Sound, boring.

    January: Boring?

    Jillian: I picture club?

    January: It includes modeling.

    Jillian: Still not interested.

    (Jillian leaves.)

    Jillian: You coming?

    Lindsey: One sec. I'll join I like modeling and music.

    (Chandler walks in.)

    Chandler: Best combination.

    Lindsey: Thanks Chandler.

    (January looks sad.)

    Lindsey: Oh don't be sad.

    Chandler: What happened?

    January: Jillian basically told me that I'm boring.

    Lindsey: Don't worry. It's just the way she …

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  • Situationman

    (Teal is walking Holly to her class.)

    Holly: You don't have to walk me to class.

    Teal: Hey, what are nice guys for?

    Holly: Thank you.

    (Holly hugs Teal and walks into her class. She sits next to Taylor.)

    Taylor: Did I see a hug? To Teal?

    Holly: You saw it right.

    Taylor: You may have a new boyfriend.

    Holly: It could be to soon, though he does seem to have a thing for me.

    Taylor: He hot anyways. So you got it.

    Holly: Oh do I!

    (Vince and Brad are in the bathroom.)

    Vince: I found a threat note.

    Nate: From who?

    Vince: Mr. Anonymous. Or should I say Brad Baker.

    Nate: How come he wants us to quit the team?

    Vince: Probably because we're in grade 9.

    Nate: I wonder what his brother would think of this.

    Vince: Brandon?

    Nate: Yeah. Let's tell him.

    Vince: Sure.

    (Holly walks…

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  • Situationman

    (Holly walks in the school. She meets Nate, Vince and Taylor.)

    Holly: Well if it isn't my lovely cult.

    Taylor: Hey, Holly.

    Vince: Guess what me and Nate are doing.

    Holly: I have no clue.

    Nate: We're gonna join the football team.

    Holly: Really? Congrats.

    Nate: Haha. Thanks.

    Holly: Well, I'm gonna fine my self a boyfriend.

    Nate: Here I am.

    Holly: Not you.

    Nate: Kidding.

    (The bell rings.)

    Nate: We're out.

    (Nate and Taylor leave.)

    Taylor: So, a boyfriend?

    Holly: Well, this is high school, where all the hot guys are.

    (Portia walks past them.)

    Portia: Hot guys? You mean the ones that aren't for you?

    (She leaves.)

    Holly: What the hell?

    Taylor: I've seen her before. Anyways, who do you think is good enough?

    Holly: I don't know. It's not like he'll just bump into you or…

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  • Situationman

    (Buses enter the school's parking lot and students begin to exit. A car parks in a parking space. The Washingtons.)

    Mr. Washington: Alright everybody. Let's go.

    (Vanessa, Jillian, and Michael get out of the van.)

    Mr. Washington: Ahh, a third year.

    Michael: You like it, Van?

    Vanessa: Looks okay I guess.

    Jillian: What are we waiting for?

    Michael: Mom, Michelle, and Paris.

    Mr. Washington: That's Mrs. Washington, Ms. Washington, and Ms. Rose to you guys.

    Jillian: What ever you say.... Mr. Washington.

    Mr. Washington: You kids wait here while I go open.

    (Mr. Washington leaves. Vanessa makes a sad look.)

    Michael: What's up with you?

    Vanessa: I don't know how I gonna deal with this?

    Jillian: What?

    Vanessa: I skipped eighth grade.

    Michael: So? It's a good thing.


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  • MrDegrassi

    Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding

    It a evening time at the beach and the sun has almost set. Jillian, Michael, and Vanessa get out of Jillian's car. Jillian runs up to Lindsey and gives her a hug. Michael walks away while Vanessa follows her.

    Veronica is seen sitting in the sand playing her guitar with her eyes closed. Phillip stands over her and nods his head with the beat.

    Nate, Holly, Taylor, and Vince all strip down to their bathing suits. Taylor splashes Vince and they laugh. He picks her up and spins her around. They lock eyes and lean in for a kiss but Nate splashes both of them.

    Brad tosses a frisbee to Drew and they chest bump each other. Michael rolls his eyes. Brad takes off his shirt and walks away with his hand around Jillian's waist. Michael makes an angry face and …

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  • MrDegrassi

    Coming October 1st

    (Nate, Holly, Taylor, and Vince walk into Washington High together)

    (Jillian and Brad hold hands)


    (Vanessa and Cassandra hug)

    (Chandler highfives Drew)

    Out of Control

    (Veronica throws a textbook at a locker)

    (Brad shoves Trey to the floor)

    (Brandon spits on Portia's face)


    (Lizzie kisses Jillian and she quickly pulls away)

    (January slaps herself in the face)


    (Teal dumps a small can of orange paint on Brad)

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